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You can enjoy perfectly riped blueberries as much as you want! Only in our place!
“Blueberry Picking in Shiraki, Hiroshima” Encounter nature, feel the wind, and hear the murmur of the river.
It’s a place surrounded by the nature at the foot of Mt.Shiraki and near the
Nenotani River.

Information in the park

You can taste 700 blueberry tress
and 20 different kinds of blueberries.

Experience the joy of picking and the tasting delicious blueberries
while you have a fun time at the farm.

“Every piece has a unique size and taste”

We plant the 20 different kinds of blueberry trees.
Some are pink while others are as big as a 500 yen coin.
You can enjoy looking for some rare ones.

  • “Nutriculture System”“Nutriculture System”We grow big and sweet blueberries stably by receiving water and fertilizer through the auto control system.
  • “Clean Bathroom Available”“Clean Bathroom Available”You can use a bathroom with electric toilet seats at the farm. It’s accessible for those in a wheelchair or a stroller. It’s clean and safe.
“Picking Environment”

“Picking Environment”

You don’t have to worry about your feet getting muddy because the field is all covered with a plastic sheet. You can walk around the farm in your sneakers and even with a wheelchair or a stroller. You can safely enjoy the picking on rainy days. Just make sure to bring your umbrella or other rain gears.

◆ Make sure to bring something to drink, a hat, and some towels during the summertime as it can get very hot.

User Guide

Opening seasons / Opening hours
June to August / 9:00 – 16:00[Closed on Friday]

Price list

with no time limit

  • Adult(Over junior high school)

    2,000JPY(Tax included)

  • Child (Elementary schooler)

    1,500JPY(Tax included)

  • Preschooler


* You can take blueberries home at an extra charge
* We might set the time limit of 2 hours during rush hours on weekends


Reservation should be made prior to your visit.
Making a reservation on the website or by
phone is recommended.


40 minutes by local road from Hiroshima city.
5 minutes walk from JR Nakamita Station.

2558 Mita, Shirakicho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima city
  • ●If you are visiting by car
    40 minutes from the urban area of Hiroshima city
    20 minutes from Hiroshima East Exit
    20 minutes from Fukuta Exit
  • ●If you are using public transportations
    Take JR Geibi Train from Hiroshima to Nakamita Station.
    Our place is a 5-minute walk from the station.
Free parking space available
Opening hours
9:00 ~ 16:00
Closed days

Reservation form

Reservation should be made prior to your visit.